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About Our Company

Our History

“I started my first businesses in the playground”, he recalls fondly “selling home-made radios as an alternative to extortionately priced foreign imports”.

Lodhia Group of Companies


The Lodhia Group began trading in 1996 as the Steel Centre. In truth, however, the Group’s origins can be traced back far earlier.
Born and raised in Tanzania, Lodhia group Founder and Chairman Mr Arun Lodhia was refining his entrepreneurial proclivities from primary school – Fluent in Swahili, English, Gujarati and Hindi – Mr Lodhia has been coupling his business instincts with a nuanced understanding of the regional market to great effect ever since. This has not gone unnoticed by the world’s largest international players. Iconic global manufacturer Saint-Gobain entered into a Joint Venture to create Saint-Gobain Lodhia Gypsum with the Lodhia group’s glowing local reputation and unwavering commitment to regional prosperity, pivotal in seeing the deal through.
Since the opening of the group’s first steel rolling mill in 2003, Lodhia Group has provided hundreds of jobs with levels of security and benefits unprecedented in the region. A wide range of CSR initiatives are also undertaken, many of which go unreported. In short the growth of the Lodhia Group has directly correlated with an increase in the quality of life in the surrounding community.
“Our employee’s are the heartbeat of our organization. They are people first, with families, lives and ambitions. If your heartbeat is strong, then the health of your overall body will be strong.”

Mr Lodhia and his close-knit Senior Management attribute the organization’s meteoric success to three defining feature’s of their business:
1) Their vision of how and why East Africa can successfully develop into a world-leading manufacturing     and services hub
2) The Group’s constant emphasis on maintaining a balanced workforce, comprising both individuals of     deep local understanding along with departmental experts, hand picked from across the globe
3) The Group has an unswerving dedication to the highest business standards and ethics

“Our commitment is and always will be to provide the best manufacturing and services for all the best reasons.”
The expansion of the company into various fields occurred naturally.
“Wherever we feel inspired and equipped to offer a higher quality product or service than is being offered in the market – we do it.”
It is clear that Lodhia Group are on a journey of progression through excellence – and that this journey is one that will see the Group – and the region - scale even greater heights in the coming years.